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Some Linux Files

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LinuxNet files

LINUXNET.4KIDS     - Linux Educational Programs for kids aged from 2 to 80

LINUXNET.APPS       - Linux Application files

LINUXNET.EMACS   - Linux Elisp Files

LINUXNET..GAME    - Linux Game Files

LINUXNET.PERL       - Linux Perl files

LINUXNET..SHELL   - Linux Shell Scrpt files

LINUXNET..SRC       - Linux sources

LINUXNET.TXT        - Linux Text files etc.

LINUXNET.WEB        - Linux Web Tools and programs

Other Linux Programs + Utilities.

HAMLNX    - LINUX HAM files and utilities

UTILLNX    - UTIL: Linux Utilities

LNX-User     - Linux User files

BBBS-L            - BBBS: BBBS and Bterm for Linux

IREXL              - InterNet Rex for Linux

PDNUNIX       - PDN: Unix Related

PDNPYLNX    - PDN: Python i.386 Linux Sources/Libraries